Knight of Swords by Brenda Lyons

Knight of Swords Artwork by Brenda Lyons
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Title: Knight of Swords
Date Created: 03/2021
Copyright: © Brenda Lyons
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Watercolor, Gouache
Views: 135
Posted: 10/19/2021

About the Artist

Brenda Lyons
Member Since October 2013

Projects: " America' s Favorite Birds" and " Backyard Birds and Blossoms" coloring books - Cornell Lab Publishing Group " Winged Fantasy: Draw and Paint Magical and Mythical Creatures" IMPACT Books, 2014 78 Tarot Project - 2015 - 2021

Location: Colorado

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Like a bolt from the sky, the Knight of Swords surges with power and speed, sword gripped tight, pointing towards their destination. Rather than planning, the Knight dives straight towards their goal, seemingly ignoring the strong winds threatening a storm. The falcon has their eye fixed on their target, and nothing can tear their attention, dedication, and determination away, even if grabbing it has consequences. Impulsive, the Knight acts first, and thinks later. Tarot card created for the 78 Tarot Animal Deck

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