Infected by Art Book - Volume 10 Judges

Maurizio Manzieri

MAURIZIO MANZIERI, an Italian illustrator based in Turin, is currently a Hugo Award Finalist as Best Professional Artist, During his decades-long career he has earned numerous awards including two Italia Awards, one Chesley Award and three Asimov's Readers' Awards. In 2021 he has been appointed European Grand Master by the European Science Fiction Society for his international contribution in the field of Imaginative Realism.

Born in Naples, an enchanting Italian harbor considered by many a paradise of art and classical culture, Maurizio began his artistic career working as a graphic artist in advertising and his first editorial sale came in 1994 with a front cover for the British science fiction magazine Interzone. While teaching illustration in art academies, he kept expanding his collaborations in the fantastic field, working with leading magazines and publishing companies: Mondadori, Bragelonne, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov's SF, Analog, ImagineFX, MacMillan, Putnam/Berkley, PYR, Prime Books, Subterranean Press. Over the years he has graced the covers of many books and illustrated limited editions for authors such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Aliette de Bodard, Terry Brooks, Clive Cussler, Elizabeth Bear, Peter S. Beagle, Robert Silverberg, Robert J. Sawyer, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Kelley Armstrong, Suzanne Palmer, Robert Reed, Peter S. Beagle, Frederik Pohl, Michael Swanwick, Naomi Novik, and many others.

Guest of Honor at numerous festivals in Italy and Switzerland, Manzieri has been often hired by the organizers as a Visual Artist, creating mascots and official posters for prestigious events such as: Lucca Comics & Games (2014), Sassari Comics & Games (2016), Fantasy Basel, the Swiss Comic Con (2016), Zurich Game Show (2018, 2019), Cartoons on the Bay, the International Cross-Media and Children Television Festival (2019) and EuroCon (2021).

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