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Aimee Cozza

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Artist: Aimee Cozza


Artist: Aimee Cozza


About Aimee Cozza

Along with illustration, Aimee Cozza also works in the field of graphic design, web design, and marketing design. She also has created and helped produce many self-published titles such as Aftermath (One Shot Comic), Friends, Foes, & Lovers (Collaboration Image Book), Don’t Know Jack (Comic), A Way to the Stars (Graphic Novel). Aimee is also an aspiring writer, with a three-part book series in the works.
Aimee often works with other artists to collaborate group projects, such as the annual Artist’s Series Collaboration Calendar. In addition to collaboration projects, Aimee has worked on community outreach projects, such as working with the Eagle Eyes in Manchester, NH as well as others for outreach murals and beautification projects.
Name: Aimee Cozza 
Joined: September 2016
Location: Southern New Hampshire

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