Infected by Art Book - Volume 11

Dan Chudzinski

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Artist: Dan Chudzinski


Artist: Dan Chudzinski


Artist, educator and curator Dan Chudzinski strives to tell unforgettable stories through his dimensional narrative sculptures. His highly-detailed mixed media creations reflect a skill set as diverse as his materials. Chudzinski was classically trained as a marble carver in Italy, worked as a zoo taxidermist, produced functional artillery for film and television, and has lived and worked with Tlingit master carvers in Alaska. Currently, he serves as Curator of the Mazza Museum in Findlay, Ohio, which houses the first and largest collection of original art from Picture books.
Name: Dan Chudzinski 
Joined: October 2013
Projects: 2017 IX Commission, "The Ripper," mixed media sculpture 2017 Sculptor and Concept Artist, "The Ningyo," film

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