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Fabiola Bonghi

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About Fabiola Bonghi

Fabiola is a self taught artist based in Rome, Italy: she is devoted to painting and sculpture, and finds her main source of inspiration in ancient myths and folklore.
She deeply loves medieval and celtic art, calligraphy and illuminated books. 

She often takes part to collective art shows and events.
She also took part to Cento Pittori di via Margutta art show several times, starting from December 2016, and she participated to collective en plein air sessions with painters collective Alternativa70.
Fabiola’s art is mainly inspired to mythology, folklore and to fantasy themes. Her artworks have a realistic style, weaved into a

Name: Fabiola Bonghi 
Joined: September 2022

We need stories.

When children, we need fairy tales to let us know that evil powers will be defeated at last.

When young, we need adventures to help us discover our own path.

When adults, we need myths not to forget that we are not the only human being experimenting pain, loss, solitude, nor the only one looking for love and compassion in this world.

As old human beings, we need to recount your story, feeling it is a part of a wider, ancient and immortal archetype.

Tales are an essential part of our lives, our hearts, our identity.

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