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FLuX John Malloy

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Artist: FLuX John Malloy


Artist: FLuX John Malloy


About FLuX John Malloy

John Malloy, AKA FLuX, is an internationally acclaimed American fine artist, illustrator, designer and sequential artist. His illustrations and designs have appeared in advertising, packaging, product design, books (including children’s), magazines, album covers, apparel, online/social, decor, retail, posters, outdoor, apparel and more. His fine art employs a variety of media, including pen & ink, oil & acrylic paint, and digital. It has been exhibited internationally and featured in a variety of publications/exhibits, including Gestalten’s Illusive, The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration, & Beyond Illustration. His work has  won awards including the Creativity International, Society of Illustrators, Spectrum and others.

Name: FLuX John Malloy 
Joined: November 2019

Peace Tea, Focus Features' Taking Woodstock, The Internet Band's Beats1 Podcast, Diesel's 55DSL, Amnesia Graphic Novel, The Village Bully Children's Book, Musician Interview Comics for Lemon Magazine, Image Comics' Popgun, Sacred Fools LA Theater

Location: US

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