Infected by Art Book - Volume 11

Mariah Tekulve

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Artist: Mariah Tekulve


About Mariah Tekulve

Mariah is character artist wih a passion for picture-making. Her focus on creatures, real or imagined, hopes to highlight the small aspects of our world otherwise overlooked.
Her skill was refined with classes in SmArt School in 2016 and 2019, and with the Illustration Master Class in 2017 and 2018.
Her art is featured in various games, such as Storybook Brawl, Hit Point Press' The Big Book of Big Bads, and Magic: The Gathering.
She is also known for designing live DnD player characters in a delightful little corner of the internet community.
Based on the East Coast, she lives with her menagerie of pet cats, frogs, and bugs. 
Name: Mariah Tekulve 
Joined: December 2018
Location: United States

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