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Lea Barozzi

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Artist: Lea Barozzi


About Lea Barozzi

Lea Barozzi is a Portland, OR artist whose work has shown around the world. Her illustrations have been featured on surfboards, skateboards, cd covers, books, jewelry, and apparel. Lea Barozzi's subject matter juxtaposes innocent doll-like maidens with distorted natural imagery and psychological symbolism. When she is not covered in paint, she enjoys exploring the Oregon coast, listening to punk rock, and reading scifi/fantasy. 

Name: Lea Barozzi 
Joined: December 2017
A selection of my gallery shows in 2019:
A is for Apple at The Inverarity Gallery, Banff, Scotland
Pure Magick! at Artwhirl, Long Beach, New York
Loteria at Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
These Earthly Delights at The Inverarity Gallery, Banff, Scotland
Dear to Me at Reamins Gallery, Hood River, OR
4 Artists at Goodfoot, Portland, OR
Venus at La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA
Made Home at Ford Gallery, Portland, OR
Burlesque and Botanical at Redux, Portland, OR
Location: Portland, OR, USA

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