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Liz Danforth is best known for her art and illustrations, primarily created for the games industry. She also writes fiction and game material, and edits professionally. She is generally known for her early Magic the Gathering cards, as well as her art and editing of the second-oldest RPG, Tunnels & Trolls.

Since 1978, Liz has worked steadily as an artist, writer, editor, and/or game developer on role-playing games, card games, and board games. She has been a writer and scenario designer for computer and video games. Her credits include work for licensed Star Trek and Middle Earth projects. She has created maps and illustrations for mainstream and fantasy novels and anthologies. She was inducted into the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design Hall of Fame (1995).

She continues to freelance in art, writing, and game design from her home in Tucson, Arizona. She is most active on Patreon ( and her website is

Name: Liz Danforth 
Joined: November 2015

Recent projects include art for Sorcery: Contested Realm, for Steve Jackson Games' reboot of Fantasy Trip and related projects, and numerous private commissions.

Past projects include art and/or editing for hundreds of tabletop and card game companies: Magic the Gathering, Tunnels & Trolls, AD&D, Traveller, GDW, Middle Earth/ICE, AEG, FASA, Group SNE (Japan), and others. Maps and illustrations for novels and anthologies have been created for such noted authors as Kate Elliott, Michael Stackpole, Jennifer Roberson, and Patrick Taylor.

Location: Tucson Arizona

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