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Melissa Gay

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Artist: Melissa Gay


Artist: Melissa Gay


About Melissa Gay

I'm a Nashville-based illustrator who draws inspiration from science, fairytales and mythology, and long walks in nature. I have worked for clients such as Baen Books, Llewellyn Worldwide, Hay House, 78 Tarot, and a shocking number of game companies. My work has won numerous awards, including two Chesleys. My illustrations are in many Gold and Silver ENnie-winning and fan favorite games, and they've been featured in ImagineFX Magazine, io9,, and many Infected By Art anthologies. When I'm not at my desk drawing or painting, I might be found in the woods trying to talk to Eastern screech owls. 

Name: Melissa Gay 
Joined: October 2013

I have crowdfunded and produced two art books-- Finding My Familiar (wildlife drawings on toned paper) and Earth and Water (sumi-e and other ink art), and I'm currently working on a third called I Dream of Space. Described by Toni Weisskopf as "romantic spaceships," my sci-fi paintings are fantastical and expressionistic, as if I were an ancient astronomer seeing the scenes in dreams. I create them by building up textures and illuminating the happy accidents I find within. I like to push the boundaries between narrative decision and randomness-- it's how I make sense of art, and of life! (As to whether there is also a secret fantasy art book in the works, I have no comment except life is short and I've got a lot of art in me to put out into the world!)

Location: Nashville, TN

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