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Artist: Adam S Doyle


Artist: Adam S Doyle


Artist: Adam S Doyle


About Adam S Doyle

My work is fueled by a love for the human mark. Since our ancestors smeared pigment on cave walls in the shape of wildlife millennia ago, humanity’s legacy of asserting our existence is something built into being human. My work continues the tradition by keeping the stroke of paint visible. 
Painting is also a transformation; the cave wall, the blank page, and the white canvas becomes a spacious place or a living, breathing being. I’m fascinated with this magical act. The unfinished quality to my work is about keeping this doorway between both worlds partly open. 
Nature and wildlife are primary subjects in part due to the diverse metaphorical language they afford in communicating ideas. Mainly though, I portray animals because I feel a deep kinship with them and want foster this sense as much as possible. I believe in being physically and spiritually connected to nature and that we must be better stewards for planet Earth. 
My father was a physician who practiced Chinese medicine specializing in acupuncture for fifty years. Because of him the idea of energy flowing through our bodies has been in my consciousness since childhood. Depicting energy is an ongoing theme of exploration, along with consciousness and new red pill paradigms that continue to expand my enchantment with the vastness of life
Name: Adam S Doyle 
Joined: December 2014

Adam S Doyle's paintings exhibit in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Hong Kong, and in Europe. He illustrates with a focus on book coves and card games with an array of publishers including Tor, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Lerner Books, Saga Press, Solaris Books, The Atlantic Monthly, and Fantasy Flight Games.

Location: United States

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