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Mark Randall

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Artist: Mark Randall


Artist: Mark Randall


About Mark Randall

I am a freelance illustrator/graphic designer/photographer specializing paranormal/ufology/cryptozoology artwork.  My projects include work for book covers, posters, web graphics, game design, t-shirts and CD packaging, just to name a few.

Name: Mark Randall 
Joined: September 2018

Cover art- UFO Contact at Pascagoula- Charles Hickson and William Mendez- 2017 Flying Disk Press / 

Cover art- UFO Case Files of Scotland: Volume 2- Malcolm Robinson- 2017 Lulu / 

Promotional art- Flatwoods: A Legacy of Fear (documentary)- Small Town Monsters- 2017 / 

Cover art- Traveler- Kerry Trent Haggard and Johnny Dale Cochran II- 2018 Flying Disk Press / 

Cover art- Once Upon a Missing Time- Philip Mantle- 2018 Flying Disk Press / 

Promotional art- Kelly Little Green Men- Geraldine Sutton Stith- 2018 / 

Cover art- Close Encounters at Kelly and Others- Ted Bloecher and Isabel Davis- 2018 Flying Disk Press / 

Cover art- Pascagoula: The Closest Encounter- My Story Calvin Parker- 2018 Flying Disk Press

Location: Indiana

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