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Dianita Vargas Sampieri

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About Dianita Vargas Sampieri

I'm a traditional artist from Veracruz, Mexico. In Fantasy art I've found a language that allows me to bring my ideas to the world.

My art education includes SmArt School mentorships with Donato Giancola Spring/Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. I have a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (2006).

My work has been part of Every Day Original, Mermaids Monthly. Art shows in WorldCons and literary conventions and gallery shows and I've illustrated a middle grade chapter book for indepentent author Gretchen Rose.

I'm currently working with author Tina Tack Anderson and Llewellyn Worldwide illustrating the Unbridled Spirit Tarot, a project featuring my favorite subjects: horses.

My Gorgons series explores a playful and kind approach to the figure of Medusa. She has become the conduit for stories about self forgiveness, realization, love, hope and every emotion I've gone through while working on my mental health.

Name: Dianita Vargas Sampieri 
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Location: Allen, TX

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