Infected By Art Book - Volume 7

Rachel Perciphone

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Artist: Rachel Perciphone


Artist: Rachel Perciphone


Rachel Perciphone is an artist and professional illustrator creating empowering fantasy art that encourages the viewer to confidently explore their own stories. She is most heavily inspired by mythology, fairy-tales, nature, music, and ethereal subjects and her work features strong, diverse characters within magical and colorful worlds. The foundation of her work begins with a detailed pencil drawing and she uses a mix of digital and traditional media to paint the finished piece. Rachel uses symbolism, shape, and both natural and supernatural elements to explore narratives and emotions. Through depictions of vibrant, feminine, and engaging subjects, her work showcases the idea that our inner strength is both multifaceted and beautiful.

Name: Rachel Perciphone 
Joined: April 2017
  • Game Day Poster Illustration (Cowboys vs Eagles) for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team
  • Podcast Episode illustrations for Pinna's "Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest"
  • Cover illustrations for various podcasts, books, and comics
  • TTRPG Card illustrations for Thousand Ant, Unity


Location: Philadelphia / NJ

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