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Rusty Sherrill was born with an artist’s brush in his hand in Lakeland, Florida.  Ever since, his mind has been in art mode. He could glance at a stranger and think, “This guy has a really strange head shape. He’d make a great monster. Soon I’m knee-deep in a painting where a swarm of tiny alien toasters is attacking a giant, strange head-shaped monster. That’s why I paint.”

After graduating from art school in Tampa, Rusty moved to California. He has 20-years-experience as a graphic artist in the clothing industry and has freelanced for the movie industry, comic book companies and advertising agencies. 

Rusty’s gallery pieces have been on display the last decade throughout Southern California and he annually is a well-reviewed artist at the “San Diego Comic-Con Art Show.”

Rusty co-wrote and illustrated Kid Nitro and the Sinister Slorp, his first novel and the short story, “Lucy the Little Robot Girl,” based on his acclaimed Little Robot Girl paintings. The artist has a third book, The Art of Rusty Sherrill and other assorted, slightly-twisted things. Complete with the comical ramblings of the artist, the full-color art book showcases 26 paintings including Dexter, Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd, caricatures of Bill Cowher, Iggy Pop and the Ramones, four Little Robot Girl pieces, surf-related artwork and even a painting (Mechanical Heart) featured on the television show, Big Bang Theory – (displayed on the wall behind Howard Wolowitz’ bed).  Sherrill’s painting technique is also described.

Rusty Sherrill, 52, lives in Big Bear City, CA, with his wife Cathy who edited Kid Nitro and the Sinister Slorp and co-wrote “Lucy the Little Robot Girl.”  Rusty’s latest paintings can be viewed at a demonstration of his technique can be viewed on his website,  All three books are available for purchase. The artist/author can be contacted at [email protected] or 714/724-1480.

Name: Rusty Sherrill 
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