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Clark Huggins

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Artist: Clark Huggins


Artist: Clark Huggins


About Clark Huggins

I am an illustrator turned professional actor turned illustrator once again. I try to bring the immediacy and emotional specificity learned in the theater to my painting. I also attempt to combine the aesthetic of avant grade performance with my sincere love of the pursuits of a 12 year old - comics, fantasy, & science fiction. I have worked for several game companies & book cover work for several small press publishers, and continue to have a presence in the advertising world. I also continue to work as a storyboard artist for commercial & film production, and have worked for TRE BLOOD, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, DAMAGES and NAKED VEGAS on the SyFy channel. My work has appeared in SPECTRUM, INFECTED BY ART, and IMAGINE FX magazine.
Name: Clark Huggins 
Joined: November 2013
Projects: I created a idea generating card deck called RECKLESS DECK, and have an ongoing series of paintings and illustrations cerated out of the inspiring randomness it provides. I have also recently embarked on an ongoing personal series based on the witches in Shakespeare's MACBETH - two of which were submitted to the IX jury for consideration ("Where Hast Thou Been Sister" and "Your Charms and Everything Beside").
Location: Providence, RI

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