Infected By Art Book - Volume 5

Alessandra Pisano

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Artist: Alessandra Pisano


About Alessandra Pisano

Winner of the Spectrum 24 Rising Star Award, Alessandra is an avid daydreamer that stumbled into art at a young age where fantastical worlds and creatures were and still are, a far better alternative than reality. The images that emerge on the surface of a panel often show themselves as ideas usually in the shower, stuck in traffic or often times no earlier than 4:35 a.m. when she would much rather be sleeping. While painting is her primary time consumer, she also enjoys the other important things in life such as late night conversations in parking lots with friends, driving fast cars on nice days, long chinchilla cuddles in bed and her passion for dance. her artwork has been shown at Lovett's gallery, Haven gallery and Copro gallery and can be found on Everyday Original monthly. ​
Name: Alessandra Pisano 
Joined: October 2013
Location: South Windsor, CT

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