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John Zeleznik

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An independent illustrator since 1987, John graduated from the Otis/Parsons Institute of Art in Los Angeles with a BFA in Illustration. Role playing game covers have been a major part of his career since 1989. His clients include Marvel Entertainment, Playboy, Hasbro, Mattel toys, Berkeley books, Tor Books, Heavy Metal, Wizards of the Coast, the Fasa Corporation, Steve Jackson Games, Topps Inc and Palladium books.
Name: John Zeleznik 
Joined: February 2013
Projects: Notable clients: BerkeleyBooks CatalystGameLabs FasaCorp Hasbro JadaToys HeavyMetal LeonaValleyWinery MarvelEntertainment Mattel NFL Oddzon PalladiumBooks Penguin Books Playboy Restoration Hardware Scientific Explorer Steve Jackson Games Topps Inc Wiz Kids
Location: Los Angeles

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