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Miki Foldi

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Artist: Miki Foldi


Artist: Miki Foldi


About Miki Foldi

Miki Foldi
2012: Winner at ImagineFX’s "Rising Star 2012" competition in Corel Painter category.
/ Corel Painter Master – Elite:
2014-2015: Finalist at RayMar Art's 8th Annual Fine Art Competition curated by Daniel Gerhartz
Major publications/magazine appearances:
ImagineFX Magazine /2013.01; 2013.10/
Digitális Fotó Magazin /2013.07/08; 2014.03/ - Digital Photo Magazine / Hungary's leader photo-magazine/
2DArtist Magazine /2014.03, cover/ 
Reviews of Miki’s work:
"Miki's use of colour, especially bold saturated colour, gives his images life" - Jon Schindehette (Senior Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast and author of @ArtOrder)
I kept coming back to this painting („Old”) – expression on the old man's face is so poignant and touchingly conveyed. Unique use of the medium made all the more effective by the absence of strong color. Miki created a skilled rendering and a soulful painting. - Kathleen Dunphy (artist)
“Old” by Miki Foldi conveys a tremendous sense of light even though rendered in monochrome.  The joy and character shine through in this nicely designed work crafted with very accurate values and edges. - Daniel Gerhartz (artist)
Name: Miki Foldi 
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