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Brad Krause

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Artist: Brad Krause


Artist: Brad Krause


About Brad Krause

Brad Krause has been a working professional artist since 1990. He has worked as a graphic designer, animation and motion graphic artist, 3d animator and digital & traditional illustrator. His passion is creating traditional art with his hands rather than with a computer because it brings him back to the original artistic motivations from when he started doing art in his teens. Still, a guy�s got to make a living. So, while he is learning how to be as good an artist as his heroes (Wrightson, Golden, Windsow-Smith, Stevens, Schults, Holmes, Corben, Foster), he is still making motion graphics, 3d and traditional animation, graphic design and digital illustration for professional clients like Briggs & Stratton engines, G. E. Medical and others. He has a BFA in graphic design from U. W. Eau Claire, and in addition Brad Krause applies many self-taught techniques to his formal repertoire. In addition to comics, he creates large oil paintings and meticulous pencil illustrations, portraits and book covers.
Name: Brad Krause 
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