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Christophe Dougnac

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Artist: Christophe Dougnac


Artist: Christophe Dougnac


Artist: Christophe Dougnac


Artist: Christophe Dougnac


Artist: Christophe Dougnac


Christophe Dougnac was born in Toulouse in 1975.
He spends his childhood between city and campaign and quickly develops a taste pronounced for the imagination.
He is very fast attracted by drawings and paintings of magazines and by the disc pockets which make the golden age of the illustrators. His vocation was born.
He made a pendulum which oscillates of the Middle Ages in the nice time by the post-apocalyptic times and the universes of Science fiction. 
He begins to expose his creations in 1997, having obtained his diploma of advertising graphic designer.
In 2007, he leaves 5 years to Paris, as graphic designer and retoucher of image. The access to the works and the exhibitions of illustrator stimulates its desire to create its universe and in his return in the Southwest, it decides to dedicate itself to its artist's author.


It is during the summer, 2013 when he is going to prepare his biggest exhibition, compound of 38 paintings and his pads of drawings (the birth of an idea). The public discovers the originals of his future book, the universe of Krystoforos was born.
In December, 2013, it is the release of its first book, "Voie Y âgE which", he completely realized and edited. This imaginary log book tells the unspeakable journey of a timeless adventurer the borders of a fantastic mythology.
From 2013 till 2015, he travels France and Belgium on the meeting of the public where he dedicates his book. During shows and festivals, he exposes his various collections and realizes live-painting.

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Name: Christophe Dougnac 
Joined: November 2014

Décember 2015
new Book: Amusez  ( Crowdfunding )

Every man or woman having carried out at the appropriate time its "opus magnum" wishes that this one continues in time.
The artist by letting his spirit escape to create feminine characters through jobs, life stories, intended, wanted to reinvent some legends of our history by being inspired by names of illustrious of this world who were learned, artists, scholars, creators or geniuses ...

Amuse is a fiction, against the current history books, where the time is modified to make discover to the reader these celestial and extraordinary women who could inspire our future and enrich our culture.
The imagination opens the range of possibilities and each of these women emphasis reveals by its beauty, its knowledge, its division or its sacrifices, an identity

Décember 2013
Book: Voie y Âge
From time immemorial, the Man always tried to travel various manners.
He explored the ocean, the earth and the space. I come today to propose you one other Way...
the Voie Y âgE!

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Location: France

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