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Artist: Elliot Lang


Artist: Elliot Lang


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My name is Elliot Lang, and I have been working professionally as an illustrator since 2005. I have worked as a freelancer, in-house illustrator, art director, and as a senior designer at an ad agency. In 2016 I started working for myself fully. I currently balance my client work with my role as Chief Creative Officer at my other company, Number Thirty Eight.

My illustrations have been featured in SI West, IBA and Art Order's The Journal and I am fortunate to have started on Every Day Original's first roster of artists. My advertising and packaging work can be found in supermarkets across the country, and some large scale murals can be seen on the interiors of MSC's Italian Cruise Ships.

I am fortunate enough to have shown my work at the IlluxCon showcase for the past 5 years, and very much look forward to in-person shows once more. For inquiries and the purchase of a originals, please visit my website,

Name: Elliot Lang 
Joined: June 2014

Inkling is a collection of my ink drawings published in 2017, and is currently available here:

I am currently writing and illustrating my first novel, while overseeing and directing all of the creative output of Number Thirty Eight, a Social Hall in the heart of Denver's River North Art District.

Location: Denver

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