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I was born in Melbourne, Australia. Received my BA in Photography at RMIT in 1994 and started my professional art career matte painting on The Fifth Element at Digital Domain in 1996. I have matte painted for Farscape the TV series, The Lord of the Rings films 1 & 2 and completed concept art for the films The Wolverine, Gods of Egypt, Maze Runner 1 & 2 and most recently Alien Covenant. My real passion is painting science fiction in traditional oil paint however. Everything Iíve learned in the film industry Iím now applying to my own vision which is very exciting. Oil painting now allows me to extend beyond just the environment imagery and begin to tell stories set in worlds of my own imagining. The paintings submitted represent the beginnings of an illustrated book and game project.
Name: Wayne Haag 
Joined: October 2013
Projects: Current projects: Ankaris Illustrated book and game IP set in the world of interstellar Ship Breaking.
Location: Sydney

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