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Soutchay Soungpradith was born in Laos on January 8, 1978. With the help of the Grace United Methodist Church, located in Coshocton, Ohio, Soutchay and his family arrived to the United States in 1981. Upon graduating from Coshocton High School in 1996, he was awarded a scholarship from the Columbus College of Art & Design where he went on to study illustration. After an abbreviated stay, he ventured off to pursue music. Years later he returned to the field of art and began building a body of work. In 2013 he was nominated for a Chesley Award. His art has been published and is in the hands of internationally recognized collectors. Along with traditional painting he continues to create original songs and performs live with his hard rock band, Dead Mans Dew. They released their first EP to the World in May of 2019 with their sights set on touring. He now resides with his wife and two daughters in Westerville, Ohio.
Name: Soutchay Soungpradith 
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Location: Westerville, OH.

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