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Kelly Potts Martinez

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Artist: Kelly Potts Martinez


Kelly is an Anglo Spanish artist creating wearable sculpture jewelry and whimsical folklore inspired sculpture figures. She is influenced by her passions for world mythology, ancient history, folklore and fairytales, Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite art. Her wearable sculpture pieces are enamelled, bejewelled and are highly detailed, often talismanic with hidden symbolism; sometimes with fossils, skulls, bones or mineral specimens; are abundant with texture, colour and narrative. In her time as a jewelry artist she has worked on such projects as ecclesiastical jewelry and ritual object restoration; reproduction of antique heirloom jewelry, and small sculpture for private collections and international exhibitions. Kelly has also designed & created pieces for European TV, theatre & film. As an artist of whimsical, folkloric art figures she draws on her experience, not only as a sculptor, but also as her time working as a designer/creator of costumes for independent film and theatre productions. Her figurative sculptures are fairytale pieces full of character, and with an emphasis on highly detailed costumery. Each piece is created to inspire delight, and to touch inner childhood wonder… a time when stories and tales would take us away to realms of fantasy and worlds of imagination Kelly teaches all of her art, sculpture and craft techniques on residential short courses in Granada, Andalucia, Spain.
Name: Kelly Potts Martinez 
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