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Artist: Chuck Grieb


Artist: Chuck Grieb


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Chuck Grieb is an award winning animation artist and filmmaker. His ongoing projects continue exploration of various digital and traditional toolsets in the creation of animated and illustrated art. Illustrations Chuck created have been featured in international publications such as Spectrum, Infected by Art, Exposé, Imagine FX, and The Painter Book. Watching Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts with his father, four-year-old Chuck Grieb asked how the skeletons “came alive”. His father’s answer, “They got skinny actors” led the boy to a quest for the truth and a lifelong love for the fantastic. With an MFA in Film Production from the esteemed University of Southern California School of Cinema/TV, Chuck landed in the animation industry where he has worked as a storyboard artist, animation director, animator, character designer, development artist, etc. for studios such as Disney and Nickelodeon. He has drawn noted characters such as Disney’s Genie, Timon and Pumbaa, Buzz Lightyear, Hercules, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Big Idea’s LarryBoy, Nickelodeon’s XJ9, and many others. Chuck’s award winning animated short films have screened in over 90 film festivals all around the world. Chuck teaches animation at Cal State University Fullerton, serves as a member of the executive board of the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and is co-chair of the Illustration West 58 Competition and Show. Chuck is a member of The Animation Guild, a professional member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Society of Illustrator’s LA. From 2011-2018 he served on the ASIFA (International Animation Society) Educator’s Steering Committee as a member and, for his last year, as chair.
Name: Chuck Grieb 
Joined: November 2015

Illustrations included in the following publications: Spectrum 23, ImagineFX, Infected by Art V7,Infected by Art V6, Infected by Art V5, Infected by Art V4, The Painter Book, Expose 4.
Walt Disney TV Animation (Animation Studio): Storyboard Artist, Animator, Character Designer, Prop Designer, PhotoShop/Painter Artist, After Effects Animator, and Maya Artist/Animator. Have drawn Genie, Winnie the Pooh, Timon and Pumbaa, Pepper Ann, Buzz Lightyear, and numerous others for various productions at Disney. Nickelodeon Animation Studios (Animation Studio): Storyboard Artist for the TV Show, My Life As a Teenage Robot. Toonacious Animation Studios (Animation Studio): Traditional Animator, After Effects Artist. Provided traditional animation services for Lilo and Stitch DVD. Provided After Effects Story Reel production services for Tinker Bell DVD extras. Cornerstone Animation (Animation Studio): Traditional Animator, Flash Artist /Animator, After Effects Artist/Animator. Larryboy Lion King sequel, and Raggs Kid Club Band. FlashBang Studios (Animation Studio): Co-Founder, Director, Animator, Designer, Storyboard Artist, Timing Director. Developed and animated a variety of Flash animated, and After Effects projects. Provided service work for various properties including Disney’s Snow White, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Taweel Loos,Mondo Media, BKN, etc. Personal Animated shorts which have screened in over 90 film fests internationally: Oliver' s Treasure (3D Digitally Animated Production) Exact Change Only (2D Digital Animated Production) Roland s Trouble (3D Digital Animated Production)

Location: Yorba Linda, CA

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