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Artist: james herrmann


Artist: james herrmann


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James Herrmann grew up on a small farm among the rolling green hills in southwestern Ohio.  It was on this farm where James developed interests in wildlife and nature, prehistoric life and an active imagination filled with creatures from mythology and fantasy. These are the themes that are reflected in his work today.  James began sculpting professionally in 1998 when he "discovered" the medium of cast bronze.  Bronze is great stuff, it is tremendously tough and durable yet is capable of capturing the finest detail.  His sculptures evoke a moment in time, an imagined part of a much larger story filled with energy and movment.  James bronze sculptures have won numerous awards, have been shown all over the United States and are in many public and private collections. 

Name: james herrmann 
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Since last year I completed work on the prehistoric bison and mastodon pieces that I was working on and actually ended up completing two winged dragon even though the orignal plan had called for only one.   I also completed work on my mermaid sculpture.  My next projects include two south american tapir sculptures and a sculpture of the giant prehistoric deer, Megalocerous or the Irish Elk.   I am also beginning work on a series of prehistoric animals from the paleozoic era.  

Location: hamilton ohio

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