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Lodiza Lepore

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About Lodiza Lepore

 I am a documentary & fine art photographer. With the exception of my photomontage work where manipulation is obvious, the bulk of my work is not photo manipulated. All 'special' effects are done in camera and/or in the darkroom.  

If a new thought can enter the mind, even for the briefest moment, then change has a chance. Through this work my aim is to deconstruct the American 'fog' & other fairy tales by exposing a critical view of the actual state of things, to reveal the true nature of human life stripped of pretenses that hide authentic feelings of loneliness, isolation & insecurity.  Inspired by the notion that every split second is unique, I seek to expose the extraordinary from the ordinary.

This photographic vision has been featured in several publications, including B & W, The Photo Review & Creative Quarterly and shown in U.S. galleries from coast to coast, including European venues.

Name: Lodiza Lepore 
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