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Artist: Hollie DeFrancisco


Artist: Hollie DeFrancisco


About Hollie DeFrancisco

Hollie DeFrancisco grew up in Somerville, MA where the decay of the city and the lack of nature left a stark coldness and desire in her soul. From a young age the desire to create was there just waiting to be properly honed. As she got older the terrors of age, daily living and teenage bureaucracy sent her scrambling for a space to call her own. Taking refuge in her day dreamer's mind she discovered what she subconsciously had always known: fantasy and nature were both things that always calmed and soothed her.

With the support of her family's kind words and the desire to show the world a vision locked in her mind she set out to gain the skills necessary to make that possible.

In 2010 Hollie graduated from Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, FL with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts having set her concentration in Illustration. Finding that the English language could not always relay the message she was trying to convey, she found the pen, ink, paint and pencil could.

Name: Hollie DeFrancisco 
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