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Kassandra Grob B. 1991 Fort Atkinson, WI. BFA emphasis in Painting and Drawing, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Whitewater, WI - anticipated 2015. Studio Assistant, Printmaking Studio; UW-Whitewater - 2014. Print Farm Treasurer, UW Printmakers Association; UW- Whitewater - 2014. Member, Student Art Association; UW-Whitewater - 2014. Student Aid, Fort Atkinson Middle School; Fort Atkinson, WI - 2010. Club Artzilla Supervisor, Fort Atkinson Middle School Art Club; Fort Atkinson, WI - 2010. First Annual Fort Atkinson High School Art Show, Organizer; Fort Atkinson, WI - 2010.

Exhibitions: Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Crossman Gallery, UW-Whitewater - 2014. First Annual Fort Atkinson High School Art Show; Fort Atkinson, WI - 2010. Badger Conference Art Show; Madison, WI - 2010. Hoard Art Show; Fort Atkinson, WI - 2008-2010. Cygnus Art Show, Fort Atkinson, WI - 2008, 2010.

Awards: First Place, Block Print Division, Badger Conference Art Show; Madison, WI - 2010. 

Name: Kassandra Grob 
Joined: October 2014

    This work is a recreation of mythological scenes and men of power, with the figures represented as female. I am interested in the relationship of the roles of women to depictions of men in power. The gender reversals are important because these classic characters typically have female counterparts that are identical in their abilities but far less emphasized in the stories. Across the mythologies typically featured in traditional art, the power of the male gods, and the subjugation of their female equivalents is obvious as is the objectification of women in art.

     I focus on the repetition of the same figure to create a narrative in the pictorial space of one drawing’s picture plane; the different points in the story are not divided into separate pieces, but are merged like the stories in Renaissance paintings. I simplify the forms of objects and environments in the work to put the focus on the figures. 

    These works blend subjects that are depicted in a lot of traditional work with a new style that sits on the boundary between fantasy illustration and fine art. I am questioning the categories where we are told art exists through the process of making this body of work, and reversing the presentation of women in art history from objects of the male gaze to positions of dominion.

Location: Wisconsin

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