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Born in New York,�1973, Kelly Houghton (signing work KHO�), has traveled the globe and lived in many international cities working as an Artist and Coordinator for film, theme parks, and museums.

Her fine art�often reflects�her life experiences and cultural interests derived from travel.

Kelly is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, 1998. She currently resides in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, painting and drawing full time.

Name: Kelly Houghton 
Joined: October 2014

Making costumes, accessories, animals, and contemporary symbols; I sculpt, sew, and source�a fashion-rich world then�paint�the ensembles with stylized models.�

Themes�include maturity, modern myth, athleticism, consciousness,�and self-development.

Current projects include oil portraits on tabletops, long compositions of characters in distracted thought, and small portraits of power tools with personality.

Location: Easton, Pennsylvania

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