Infected By Art Book - Volume 3

Sam Guay

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Artist: Sam Guay


About Sam Guay

Sam is an artist focused on work that explores our inner, emotional worlds. They draw on these personal experiences to create a visual language of dark nature, hypnagogic patterns, and moody atmospheres. Their intention with their work, whether it be a single painting, a story, or a large project is to invite quiet conversations with those private worlds where we can find ourselves most readily and connect more meaningfully to the world around us.
Name: Sam Guay 
Joined: April 2014
Projects: Sam is based out of Salem, MA and their work has been included in publications such as Spectrum, Infected by Art, Nightmare Magazine, and ImagineFX. They are currently wrapping up a fully illustrated tarot deck, the Blood Moon Tarot, to be released in 2020.
Location: NH

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