Infected By Art Book - Volume 3

David LaRocca

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Artist: David LaRocca


David LaRocca is a Cosmic Horror and Dark Fantasy artist working in graphite and charcoal. LaRocca has been working as a professional digital, traditional and 3D artist for over 20 years. LaRocca has done work in the 3D animation, boardgame, educational and independent video game industries. His art has been printed in numerous books, magazines and RPG products. In this time, he began illustrating his own worlds of fantasy and horror. He now works full time for Infinite Black, a company he co-founded. LaRocca is unafraid to explore the shadowy worlds of the mind in his work. His gallery represents traditional and conceptual pieces from that exploration.
Name: David LaRocca 
Joined: October 2012
Projects: Journey to the Tree of Sorrows Elder Dice
Location: Birmingham, AL

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