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Vincent Villafranca

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Artist: Vincent Villafranca


Vincent Villafranca is a bronze sculptor based in north Texas. He produces a wide assortment of imagery, from futuristic wandering robots to historical and high fantasy figures. Vincent sculpts, molds and casts his sculptures at his rural, home-made foundry using furnaces and kilns made from repurposed water-tanks and 55 gallon drums. He makes non-traditional bronzes using the traditional lost-wax casting process. He considers the SF/F book covers and films of the 1970s to have influenced his personal aesthetic. Although he prefers to avoid large cities, Vincent attends a handful of conventions and symposiums each year. He has won numerous Chesley Awards in the “Best 3-D” category and several convention awards. He designed the Ray Bradbury Award (which is given out annually during the Nebula Awards). In 2013 Vincent designed the Hugo Award base for LoneStarCon 3. In 2017 he designed the new World Fantasy Award .

Name: Vincent Villafranca 
Joined: October 2013

I am currently working on numerous projects of various scales. In addition to the representational and fantastic imagery, I am also exploring conceptual works and abstract forms using found objects and randomly-cast metal.

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