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Artist: . Sybiline


Artist: . Sybiline


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Sybiline is a Canadian artist based in Drummondville, Quebec. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in visual art, she continued her research, self-taught, on traditional techniques of ancient painting. Fascinated by the art of the portrait, she rapidly explored the depths of human identity. She drew inspiration from the morphology, thoughts and emotions that she transmits through a refined feminine energy. At the heart of her work, she calls upon the world of dreams as well as the mythological, imaginary and symbolic worlds. She considers painting to be an invaluable way of establishing silent and confidential contacts with her audience. She longs to deliver, for a moment at least, mirrors of ourselves.

Sybiline focuses mainly on her personal works and exhibits in several galleries. Her paintings have been exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Reading, San Diego, Boston, Ivoryton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, San Jose and Edmonton.

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Name: . Sybiline 
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