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I have loved fantasy/sci-fi art since discovering my Aunt's collection of IASFM in the late 80's and early 90's. The stunning black and white art burned a deep brand on the skin of my soul. I simply could not believe artists could create something that looked so real, yet did not exist.

I was hooked.

In the early aughts I knocked on the door of my artist idol, David Delamare's studio door. I had moved to Portland and upon discovering that he lived in the city, I decided to find the person behind the art that I loved. My goal was to beg him to help me market my work. I had two pieces. Two. That is all. . .yes, I still cringe thinking about my hubris.

His manager/partner, Wendy Ice opened the door and carefully and kinldy soon shut the door in my face. But I was back weeks later with one of my inkings (I call my style paper engravings, technical pen on watercolor paper, months of work) and she was nice enough to show it to David. She came back to the door and asked me if I would like to meet him.

My life has never been the same. I left without the help I had sought, but gained far more then I could ever have imagined. The hour or so spent with a Towering Giant in my inner universe was life changing. He pointed things out in my work that were good and also what I could improve. I am forever in David and Wendy's debt.

Over the last decade I have had many ups and downs. Moved to Maui, became a gypsy-crafter on the island, selling my fantasy art and my wife's photgraphy. Aquired a licensing deal--dropped by said licensing deal. Moved to San Francisco and became a licensed street artist. Then the Great Recession happened and we got day jobs and had to close the micro-print business.

Recently I decided to dedicate my life to my art once again. I was funded on Kickstarter in early 2014, which lit the fire and desire to do what I love beyond words as a full time profession. I hope to one day live the dream again--live from the funds my art creates and know that my work is collected around the world.

Name: Ulysses D 
Joined: January 2014

This contest is very serendipitous, I am working on my third Kickstarter project. The theme will be Nano Art--the first art challenege I ever tried was Tiny Pleasures.

As I write this, it is late March, 2014. I am working on a website that will display all of the work I have created over the past decade.

Location: San Diego

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