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Kiri Leonard

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Artist: Kiri Leonard


Artist: Kiri Leonard


About Kiri Leonard

I’m Kiri Leonard, a fantasy artist, storyteller, and creator from Denmark, the oldest Kingdom in Europe. I find inspiration in folklore, history, philosophy, nature, and life around us which I concoct into vivid imagery. I studied art at Pratt Institute in New York City.
I am particularly passionate about illustrating and writing my own two flagship stories Montague Mouse and Locke the Legend.
Name: Kiri Leonard 
Joined: January 2013
  • Year of the Unicorn Calendar
  • The Heretofore Undisclosed Sketchbook
  • Locke the Legend
  • Montague Mouse
  • Pathfinder
  • Green Witch Tarot
  • Asgard's Chosen
  • Vikings of Legend and Lore
  • The Fairy Pin Up Calendar
  • Trollkin Calendar
  • The Story Elves
Location: Austin, TX

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