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Isabella Quack

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Artist: Isabella Quack


Artist: Isabella Quack


Isabella Quack (izzyQ.) is a german,contemporary, symbolist oil painter and creature maker, who creates fantasy displays combining canvas (2-D) with sculptural elements(3-D). She got a Bachelor of fine art from the Art Academy Düsseldorf in 2015 and pursued a second degree as SFX Make up artist by attending the Tom Savini program in Pennsylvania, from which she graduated in 2016. The topics of her work are based on folklore, fairytales and mythology. They are also heavily influenced by the movie industry, especially the works of Guillermo del Toro. Her intention is to view the canvas as a portal between worlds through which the viewer can get sucked into, or alternatively something can come out of.


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Name: Isabella Quack  
Joined: November 2017

I'm currently working on a multitude of new pieces. I have discovered that I like the idea of an artwork (traditional painting) being multifunctional,so I make paintings that have a fully functioning clockwork as part of their composition or a light source with an on/off switch. My main interest concerning painting techniques at the moment is glazing and how painting light underlines the mood of a piece. When it comes to sculpture, I am focussing on becoming more realistic in fabricating faux-taxidermy animals as well as achieve a more realistic portrayal of people, especially lifesize children (silicone skin with correct texture and coloration, hairpunching,acrylic eyes etc.) ​

Location: Germany

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