The Handfasting by Isabella Quack

The Handfasting Artwork by Isabella Quack
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Title: The Handfasting
Date Created: December 2022
Copyright: © izzyQ. Art&FX
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Graphite Pencil, Photography, Photoshop
Views: 140
Posted: 12/5/2022

About the Artist

Isabella Quack
Member Since November 2017

Projects: I' m currently working on a multitude of new pieces. I have discovered that I like the idea of an artwork (traditional painting) being multifunctional,so I make paintings that have a fully functioning clockwork as part of their composition or a light source with an on/off switch. My main interest concerning painting techniques at the moment is glazing and how painting light underlines the mood of a piece. When it comes to sculpture, I am focussing on becoming more realistic in fabricating faux-taxidermy animals as well as achieve a more realistic portrayal of people, especially lifesize children (silicone skin with correct texture and coloration, hairpunching,acrylic eyes etc.) ​

Location: Germany

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