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Born as a Pennsylvania farm boy in 1976, creating has just been a part of my life. In childhood, I would paint river rocks in the likeness of my favorite characters to impress the family. I honed this ability of capturing smiles as a child throughout my education. Great stories are something we all hold dear. I have always been amazed at the skills and craftsmanship of the visual artists that bring them to life. I graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA in communication design. You can learn so much about the techniques of creating in college. It wasn't until I strolled the halls of The Metropolitan in New York, that i realized the powerful potentials of what people can create. My work in watercolors and oils can best be described as dreamy/heroic fantasy. Fantastical devices, rendered in many layers, to represent meaning for the viewer. Watching people enjoy and interpret what I create, will always make me happy.

Name: john Esh 
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