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Steven Belledin was raised in Pennsylvania and started his career completing high school art assignments for his older sisters in exchange for enough money to buy more Swedish fish than he probably should have eaten. After high school he fled small town life to hide among the drones of New York City and become an oil painter. Four years later, he stumbled out of the gates of Brooklyn's Pratt Institute into the harsh light of the "real world" and immediately dove head first into the brick wall of illustration. Though it took him a couple years to recover, he finally began plying his trade in 2000 after being sucked into the fantasy and science fiction genres and the world of gaming art. Today he continues to plod ahead, tickled that he gets paid to do something he loves that is criminally fun. Steven currently resides in Seattle, Washington, peering out at the world through the curtain gaps of his studio windows. One wife, no pets.

Name: Steven Belledin 
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