Drakar och Demoner (Homage to Michael Whelan) by David Brasgalla

Drakar och Demoner (Homage to Michael Whelan) Artwork by David Brasgalla
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Title: Drakar och Demoner (Homage to Michael Whelan)
Date Created: 2016
Copyright: © 2017 Riotminds
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Graphite Pencil, Digital
Views: 499
Posted: 12/9/2016

About the Artist

David Brasgalla
Member Since August 2014

Projects: Othello - Macmillan Collector' s Library Edition
Drakar och Demoner 2016: Gastarnas Ö /Demonkungens - Riotminds
Drakar och Demoner 2016: Skymningshavets Gå tor - Riotminds
Drakar och Demoner 2016: Character & Monster Cutouts - Riotminds
Drakar och Demoner: Monsterboken - Riotminds

Location: Stockholm

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This cover art was commissioned by Riotminds as part of the reissue of the original box set for their popular "Drakar och Demoner" RPG series (Dragons and Demons). The Michael Whelan "Elric" art used on the cover of that box has become synonymous with the original game experience for many players, and has high nostalgia value, yet Riotminds were unsure if they would be able to secure the image for the reissue. Under Magnus Malmberg's art direction, I created this homage to that cover as possible alternate artwork, leaning heavily on the green colour fields of the original presentation, but gender-swapping the main figure.

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