Isoteleus maximus, trilobite (side view) by james herrmann

Isoteleus maximus, trilobite  (side view) Artwork by james herrmann
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Title: Isoteleus maximus, trilobite (side view)
Date Created: 2002
Copyright: © J. M. Herrmann
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Bronze, Sculpture
Views: 277
Posted: 11/21/2016

About the Artist

james herrmann
Member Since November 2015

Projects: I am currently working on a large heteromorphic ammonite sculpture, a series of small figurative warrior sculptures inspired by way too much time playing Dungeons and Dragons, some small wildlife pieces and of a soaring griffon sculpture. I have plans to incorperate fused glass in several future pieces including the wings of a large bronze dragonfly

Location: hamilton ohio

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