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I painted over 480 book jacket illustrations in my years as an illustrator, becoming well known in the Fantasy and Science Fiction fields, attending and exhibiting at  numerous World Fantasy and World Science Fiction conventions.  A monograph called "Mark Harrison's Dreamlands" was published in 1990 by Paper Tiger and my work appeared in many of the early Spectrum books with numerous paintings bought for private collections in the USA and UK. I ceased illustration in 2003 to concentrate on painting personal work for sale in Fine Art galleries in the UK firstly in chalk pastel and then since 2005 in oil. In this time I have had my work exhibited and sold in a number of prestigious galleries in Central London including Cork Street and the Mall Galleries where it has been accepted for juried exhibitions such as The Royal Institute Of Oil Painters. I have also featured in numerous art magazines in which I have written articles and won competitions such as International Artist and Artists and Illustrators Magazine. Recent work has turned full circle and I have been painting work that combines Imaginative Realist subjects executed in my current more painterly style where it was recently exhibited at Illuxcon 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 in the Main Salon.

Name: Mark Harrison 
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My work takes reality as it's starting point and is then painted in such a way that it looks Fantastic and hopefully beautiful.

Location: United Kingdom

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