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Artist: emile parks


Artist: emile parks


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Having started using felt tips and crayons as a child and anything else that could make a mark [all over the walls sometimes:) Later in my teenage years I embraced oils [Boris Vallejo was hugely influential to me along with the old masters] I also used acrylics. Then the commercial landscape changed forever with the advent of computers and with a much agonised decision I moved away from traditional media for many years. Now after many moons have gone by I have come full circle. I'm now re-kindling the passion and excitement with my once-lost idols, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta and the old masters such as Caravaggio, Velazquez and Rubens to name a few.

I decided to go under a different name for this style to keep it separate from my digital work [Dominic Harman]  I was honoured to be accepted into ILLUXCON in Pennsylvania USA [2017] and had a wonderful show exhibiting alongside some of the greatest Legends in our field such as Boris Vallejo and Brom whom I met and were such lovely people and so complimentary about my work!

Please take a look and if you are interested in anything or would like to commission me please get in touch!

Name: emile parks 
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My future projects will be figure oriented and the flesh and the interplay between texture and color. I also love painting metal, jewelry and armour and that play an exciting part in my future work.


Location: U.K.

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