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Arend Smith

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Artist: Arend Smith


Artist: Arend Smith


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Name: Arend Smith 
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I am a sculptor. I love monsters. I always have. Scary ones, nice ones, elegant and noble satyrs and manitous, cute critters that turn scary with lots of teeth, ugly ones that are misunderstood and only use their enormous teeth for chewing celery and carrots… I love them all. I especially love creatures that blend into natural settings and have an “I am at home in ancient forests and lonely mountain passes” feel to them. I’m a huge fan of Brian Froud, Paul Bonner, Olivier Villoingt and my wife Lara because they capture that feel really well.

I am comfortable working in a wide range of sizes from small resin kits, to larger than life, one of a kind originals. I accept private commissions and also am starting to work for gaming companies a bit as well.

I really hope you enjoy my work and thanks for looking!



Location: Middleville, Michigan

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