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Artist: Mark Stefanowicz


Artist: Mark Stefanowicz


Artist: Mark Stefanowicz


Artist: Mark Stefanowicz


About Mark Stefanowicz

  Mark Stefanowicz is originally from Chelsea, MA and was truly born to become an artist. When Mark was at a very young age, his parents would see him drawing in their living room, lost in his imagination and creativity. Realizing his potential, Mark’s parents enrolled him at the age of six to the Tringarli School of Art. 

  Here, in this modest studio, above the local YMCA, Mark was introduced to Mr. Vincent Tringarli (or as the students called him, “Mr. T”). Mark still recalls his first day of class and his meeting his new teacher. This tall, white haired man with a beard that made him look like Santa Claus asked Mark what he wanted to draw. Mark excitedly responded with “Ninjas!” and so, was allowed to draw ninjas… for just one day… After that, his training began. 

  Over the next seventeen years, Mark was taught the very same techniques used by the Old Masters, covering everything from landscapes to portraits and sculptures to oil paintings. Needless to say, Mr. Tringarli had a huge impact on Mark’s life, guiding him with lessons in life as much as lessons in art. When his time at Tringarli School ended, Mark attended college for a further five years where he also met his future wife, Kimberly. 

  After his time in college, Mark began his career and started with a position at Vivendi’s Funnybone Interactive as a background artist in their children’s education division. Here, Mark was introduced to using a computer to create art . Here, Mark also met and made a life long friend with Philip Straub. 

  From here, Mark joined The Yacobian Group, a multimedia communications solutions company with clients such as Ann Taylor, Bvlgari, Chanel and Gucci. Here, Mark learned about the importance of Brand and how to effectively market products in his time here, adding what would become a very important skill to his growing list of abilities. 

  After his time there, Mark joined Electronic Arts as a Lead Artist and progressed through the organization to the position of Art Production Manager for Central Art, a group that supported all of the major franchises in the organization from NCAA Football, Madden through to Tiger Woods Golf and NASCAR. During his time there, Mark learned how to become a leader and a project manager, helping to develop talent and understanding the importance of hitting deadlines. 
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