Metamorphosis by Belinda Morris

Metamorphosis Artwork by Belinda Morris
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Title: Metamorphosis
Date Created: October 2016
Copyright: © Belinda Morris
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Ink, Photoshop
Views: 953
Posted: 10/28/2016

About the Artist

Belinda Morris
Member Since January 2014

Projects: The Ancient Spirit Oracle Card Deck by Jade-Sky to be published by Blue Angel Publishing in 2020 Elemental Card Deck, 78 Tarot, AD: Kayti Welsh, 2019 Olde Fae Card Deck by Changeling Artist Collective, 2019 Dreamy Belle' s Visit to Heaven by Gabrielle Bettels-Hoffman, JoJo Publishing, 2014 ImagineFX Magazine Capricious Magazine Lackingtons Magazine Infected by Art Vol 5

Location: Australia

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Both death and life erupted from the presence of the beasts head. She was trapped and could not move. Stars, glowing things, moss and decay swarmed her vision. What was happening to her? The druidic priests would not tell her, she could only wait and see. Watercolour, ink, pencil, pastel and digital 23.5 x 37cm 9.25 x 14.75" For the Month of Fear weekly challenge ´┐ŻMetamorphosis´┐Ż

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