The Secret Broker by Elizabeth Leggett

The Secret Broker Artwork by Elizabeth Leggett
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Title: The Secret Broker
Date Created: 2016
Copyright: © Elizabeth Leggett
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Mixed Media, Digital
Views: 1027
Posted: 9/14/2016

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Elizabeth Leggett
Member Since January 2014

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As many wise entrepreneurs know, there is money to be made in the commerce of secrets. Transgressions, transactions and trysts can all be purchased for a price. Offering silence as well as information is a rare combination and worth its weight in coin. The secret broker takes messages from the mice and rats and sells them to the highest bidder. Knowledge is power. I went with a dear friend to see the movie "The Danish Girl" and fell head over heels in love with the visuals. Such color and light! I left the film wanting to create a piece that offered homage to it. The rug was the most difficult part of this piece. There is a look to antique rugs that you either capture or you do not. This one went through a whole world of different designs before this one finally settled well into the design.

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