Disconnection by Jennifer Weekley

Disconnection Artwork by Jennifer Weekley
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Title: Disconnection
Date Created: 11/21/2015
Copyright: © Jennifer Weekley
Genre: Illustrated
Mediums: Graphite, Charcoal, Ink, Photoshop, CS5
Views: 633
Posted: 11/21/2015

About the Artist

Jennifer Weekley
Member Since June 2015

Location: Greater Chicagoland

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To use the place most of the world gets their food from as a dumping ground is, in my mind, a disconnection. We are literally eating our own garbage by eating the animals that are forced to consume it and/or wanting more and more from an ecosystem that increasingly can no longer support life much less in the numbers we need for our own growing population. So this piece combines the intertwined ideas of pollution and over fishing in our worlds oceans and rivers.

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